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Samsonite Furniture Replacement Slings Discounted Overstock Sale

We have accumulated a number of ready made replacement slings where the original fabric is now depleted. These are generally a one-time sales opportunity as the fabrics are no longer available.  However, we must move this good inventory and have special pricing incentives to make this happen.   Often these sale prices are up to 60% off our regular pricing.  Many of our matching set of "four" are now depleted in our Overstock Selection

This is ideal for customers not particular about the FABRIC.  These are non-blemished (unless otherwise noted and price consideration given), first line fabrics already pre-made and ready for quick-ship (within 72 hours of order).  The furniture models available for this program are listed below.

You DO NOT have a choice of fabric.  This is a "Overstock Special" where our warehouse picks and packs your slings without much regard to fabric.  The advantage to this program is PRICE SAVINGS from our regular sling pricing and very quick shipments.

These program and prices are available as long as Inventory levels allow and are subject to change without immediate notice.

Conditions of Sale for our Overstock Sling Specials

1.  No Color / Fabric Choice

2.  All Sales are Final

We will obviously try to choose a fabric that will match or go well with your frame finish and will try by phone to best describe this fabric of choice.

Our staff will be available to Identify your Model of furniture via digital image by email or picture by mail.
Model Pricing
Chair Slings $ 5.00 - 40.00 ea
Chaise Slings $ 10.00 - 65.00 ea
Catchall / Ottomans $ 5.00 - 20.00


Chair Models Available*  5480 / 5490 / 5470 / 5292 / 5291 / 5440 /  Select Sanibel Models / Select Body Glove II Models
Chaise Models Available*  
Ottomans / Catchalls* 5441 / 5460 / 5462

* This Inventory changes daily with shipment and may not be reflected in real-time