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Shipping Information


Where do we ship ? 

We ship all over the United States and Canada. 


What does it costs ? 

It is totally dependent upon the qty of slings purchased and your proximity to our manufacturing facility.  We ship via UPS ground and shipping costs are determined by weight of package and UPS zone.  Generally, most packages ship for around $ 25.00 continental US.


How quick can I get them ? 

Totally Dependent upon demand and orders.  Naturally, in the spring and summer months, more orders are being taken.  You may expect your slings to arrive generally within 2 to 4 weeks.  We cannot expedite orders as these products are manufactured and not picked and packed.


Can you expedite shipping ? 

Generally, this is not applicable or feasible as we do not pick and pull the product from a shelf in the warehouse.  The sling products are "manufactured per order".  Therefore, while we may expedite shipping, we cannot guarantee when they will be shipped.  They must process through our manufacture plant per above paragraph.